Board Member

Ben Zhang

Ben Zhang was appointed to the Arcadia Police Foundation’s Board of Directors in September 2021. Before joining the foundation, he has held many roles, ranging from Project Manager to Political Consultant and Branding Strategist.

As a Project Manager for New World International, he provided properties through his development company that the K-9 and SWAT Units, as well as partner agencies, trained at.

He currently works in property acquisitions, management, and development on several projects in the San Gabriel Valley but more specifically, the City of Arcadia. In addition, Ben also manages a senior living facility in the northwest of Arcadia.

He began his career in 2016 as a campaign manager for local candidates, achieving his first success in his hometown, Walnut, in 2016. He played a crucial role in helping the candidate become one of the youngest elected officials in California. Subsequent successes followed in the election for a candidate in the State Senate as well as various local city and school district races.

Ben Zhang enjoys many civic and community roles, including Volunteer Engagement, Appreciation, and Recognition Lead for the American Red Cross.